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What To Do If My Menstrual Cup Is Leaking?

Our cups are to be worn just inside the vagina not high like a tampon. Fold the cup and insert a little higher than desired then pull down a little so the cup opens as you pull down and is comfortable but low. The base of the cup should be just inside the entrance to the vagina. The stem just out but make sure feels comfortable so push in a little higher if that’s what works for you. On removal please pinch the base of the cup to release the suction. And use your amazing vaginal muscles to push down and you pull.   If your cup isn't opening up properly, I suggest you try the following:   - Try...

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What Is A Menstrual Cup

What Is a Menstrual Cup? If there is one thing that women like to keep under wraps, it’s their monthly periods. There is a lot of prudishness that surrounds this experience and any open conversation about it is usually a least, a little uncomfortable. However, there is a menstruation liberation taking place that has brought the subject of periods into the limelight. And, it has everything to do with the menstrual cup.  So what exactly is a menstrual cup? A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped reusable cup made from either medical silicone or rubber that is used as an alternative to tampons or pads when a woman is experiencing her periods. The cup is inserted inside the vaginal cavity and pops open...

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