The popularity of the tampon has meant that women can take part in sports that they may have previously avoided when having their period. The menstrual cup has taken that one step further and made it even easier than ever to be a sporty woman throughout the entire month - and that includes running, swimming, aerobics, martial arts and mountain climbing. In fact any activity you can think of.


There are so many reasons why menstrual cups are brilliant when partaking in sports that we would hardly have the room to list them all. But here’s a few to get you thinking:


  • You can wear a menstrual cup for a full day if you wish (and your flow allows for it). This means that you can run a marathon without the inevitable toilet break.
  • Menstrual cups are less likely to leak. Not only does this give you more confidence during your sport, but this also means less chance of chafing, damp underwear and uncomfortable back-up pads.
  • You don’t need to carry spares around with you. No need for a bag or a pocket while running, walking or exercising.
  • Menstrual cups stay in place and keep working even when swimming. Most women are wary of swimming while wearing a tampon. Water can enter the vagina, making the tampon less likely to work well. A menstrual cup simply will not be affected by this water entry.
  • The high quality silicone is incredibly flexible and strong and will move with your body whether you are cycling, trampolining or pa-kouring…
  • If you indulge in sports that take you off the beaten track, the menstrual cup is brilliant. You don’t need a toilet to empty it - just a baby wipe or bottled water to clean it if necessary. The blood can simply be poured into the earth.
  • You won’t feel the menstrual cup once it is in place, so it won’t cause any discomfort or distraction while you are striving for that better time or the next goal.


As you can see, wearing your menstrual cup during sport is perfect. It works brilliantly to protect you from leaks and dampness and you simply won’t know it is there for several hours. Now all you need to do is get out there and train hard!


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