Can you use a Tulip Cup ( menstrual cup ) after giving birth

If you have used your Tulip Menstrual Cup before you became pregnant, you will be keen to get straight back into using it as soon after the birth as you can. While it is great to do so for your first proper period after your birth, there are some things you should bear in mind before you jump back in.


Menstrual cups and tampons are not recommended for post-partum bleeding

After you give birth you will bleed for some time and for some women this can be weeks rather than days. The flow of this bleeding can vary and there may be clots and heavy times and this may make it harder to use the menstrual cup as the flow will not be your usual.  Your vagina will also be healing during this time (especially if you had stitches) and your body will be restoring itself back to normal. You don’t want to risk introducing any bacteria or germs to the vaginal area, therefore, it is best to wait until you have been given the all clear by your doctor or midwife. In the meantime, you could use one of our Leaf reusable Menstrual Pads.


You might need a different size menstrual cup after birth

It will be no surprise to know that your vagina will be different after you have given birth. This is entirely natural as it changes throughout your lifetime. But this could mean that you might need a larger size menstrual cup than you used before.


Your cervix might be positioned differently

You might notice that your menstrual cup is sitting in a slightly different position to what you are used to. This could be because your cervix is sitting lower than before. Our Menstrual Cup should be worn quite low in the vagina so this shouldn't affect you as much as if you were to use Tampons.


Menstrual cups are so much easier when you have a baby

You will be tired enough looking after a new baby without then having to consider changing tampons, pads and disposing of them. The fact that a menstrual cup will stay in place all day means you can have those precious few minutes back to do something for yourself. Also carrying supplies for your child can be tricky enough without having to consider your own requirements - any parent will tell you that leaving the house without tampons and pads is pretty normal when you have kids!


So, the answer is a resounding “yes!”. You can use a menstrual cup after giving birth. Just check with your doctor first to ensure you have healed from the birth. 

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