Your menstrual cup is made of silicone and is therefore highly resistant to bacteria and dirt. However, you will still want to wash it regularly to ensure that it lasts the several years that we recommend that it should. Your cup will also need cleaning to make sure that it works correctly and is hygienic.


The Tulip menstrual cup is easy to keep clean and because of its simple design and the material it is made of, it doesn’t get especially dirty or stained. However, a good scrub is always advised. 

To wash your Tulip menstrual cup we recommend you follow these steps


Before use and between periods you should sterilise your menstrual cup using either a sterilising fluid (such as those you can use on baby bottles) or by boiling in clean water for around 5 minutes. Or use our steam steriliser. A dishwasher is not to be recommended as it will leave residue of soaps that might irritate your skin.


During your period you can use a mild soap to give your menstrual cup a wash in the sink before you re-insert it. Just make sure that you rinse it well.


If you are out and about and don’t want to take your menstrual cup to the sink, you can use a splash of water from a bottle to give it a rinse or simply use toilet paper to wipe it clean and then give it a proper wash next time. As long as your hands are clean, the cup should be fine if you occasionally cannot wash it with soap. Or if you have long periods of time out of the house why not consider The Stem Valve Menstrual Cup 


If you are travelling we recommend you use drinking water to clean your menstrual cup due to the bacteria that can sometimes be found in tap water, wells or streams.


The silicone material may start to stain over time. If this happens you can use a bicarbonate of soda paste rubbed in with a soft toothbrush, to bring it back to clear again. However, it is worth noting that even if it is discoloured, it still is clean and not at all harmful.

Keeping your menstrual cup clean is incredibly easy and can be done in just a few minutes!

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