Our Smallest Menstrual Cup 

As Mum’s we want to do what is best for our daughter’s and helping them to understand their period is one of the essential parts of that relationship. While talking about it and discussing Pads, Tampons and Menstrual Cups is a great idea, when the time comes, it really is hard to know how they will feel and how easily they will adjust. All we can do is give them plenty of choices of alternative menstrual products and lots of support.

The Tulip Menstrual Cup is a great option for women who have had their periods for a while and who understand their body. But what about someone just starting their period. Will it be hard to use or unsuitable? Actually, starting a teenager off on menstruation cups is a great way to help them to understand exactly what is going on.

We offer a smaller size Menstrual Cup that is designed especially for younger women and is easier to insert. Our Tulip Menstrual Cup is actually The Smallest Menstrual Cup on the market. It might take a few goes to get it right, but this is the great thing about the Tulip Cup - you can simply remove it and try again, if necessary. It can also be used when you don’t have your period as a way of practising the technique. Tampons are not reusable and are not recommended to be used outside of periods.

The Tulip Cup will allow younger girls to understand their particular flow. So they will get to know their heavy days and until they understand their cycle, they have longer periods of protection as the Tulip Cup can be worn for several hours before it needs to be emptied. They will also like the fact that they don’t have to worry about carrying tampons or pads, disposing of them or any of the other annoying parts of having a period.

During those early days, your daughter might want to use additional protection such as our washable pads - just in case there is leakage. But this is usually overcome quickly as they get used to how their periods work.

It is true that using the Tulip Menstrual Cup can tear the hymen and some girls worry that this means they are no longer a virgin. Only sexual intercourse results in a loss of virginity. Reassuring your daughter about this might help to overcome that fear.

So, yes, the Tulip Cup is perfect for your daughter (and for you too). Offer them all the options and give everything a go. It's about finding what’s right for you and your daughter will soon feel comfortable and relaxed about her period no matter what.

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