No To Single Use Tampon Plastics

Menstrual cup vs the reusable tampon applicator

We all know that we use too much plastic and when we have our periods we probably use more than average. This is especially the case if you like to use applicator tampons. These plastic sheaths are generally thrown away or even flushed and are a one time deal. Compared with the menstrual cup and its ability to be used over and over, it seems like a huge waste.

We use a lot of tampons in a lifetime

Women can use up to 12,000 tampons in a lifetime and that’s a lot of plastic. A recent study showed that half of all women cared about the sustainability of their sanitary products,

If you choose to use tampons the non-applicator tampons are of course a better option, but for many women that is not suitable.

An even better idea?

A menstrual cup, however, takes away all of the disposing of sanitary products completely. The product is used over and over, washed between uses and the blood is simply poured into the toilet and washed away.

If you want your period to be green, the menstrual cup leads the way. 

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