Period pain - are we missing out on too much?

We all know that it is a literal pain to have your period during your holiday, but imagine if the period pain you suffer was enough to make you miss your flight?


For one woman this is exactly what happened. A woman on an Emirates flight was casually telling per partner that she was suffering from period pain and within minutes she was being asked to leave the flight. It seems that the pilot of the flight must be informed if someone is ill and he or she will decide if that person is fit to travel. Despite the woman explaining the period pains weren’t that bad, the pilot didn’t want to risk her being on the 7-hour flight.


While we can question the rights and wrongs of this, what we do know is that minimising the pain we get from our periods has to be a good thing. The Tulip cup is one way of reducing the pain that comes from a period. Women who use the Tulip cup say that their cramps are reduced and that they feel generally better and more relaxed about their period.


It is thought that around 20% of women get period pains to some degree, with a significant number suffering severe pain that can interfere with their lives. Unfortunately for many women this pain is seen as a part of life and isn’t taken seriously by doctors. But there are conditions that can cause serious period pain such as fibroids and it is worth being persistent with your doctor to get checked for these kinds of issues.


When you are going on holiday you want to feel relaxed about your period. Using a menstrual cup when on holiday is a great idea because it is small and discreet and easy to pack. You will find that it can be changed anywhere and you don’t need to worry about finding the right kind of toilet. You can swim in it and wear the smallest bikini. In fact, your menstrual cup almost makes having a period while on holiday fun. Just don’t mention those mild period pains to your flight attendant.

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