There are lots of good reasons for using Tulip Cups, including the health benefits, the lower chance of infection and the fact you are choosing a chemical free product. But one of the best reasons has to be the fact that menstrual cups are great for the planet. Read on to discover why.

We throw away too much waste already!

It is estimated that a woman will use around 16,800 disposable sanitary products in her lifetime. That’s a lot of waste that is either being flushed or put into landfill. Another statistic shows that this is the equivalent of more than 62,000 pounds of rubbish across a lifetime - or about half the rubbish you will personally throw away. This is the equivalent of the plastics we throw away and yet we worry about them a lot more…

We worry about plastic bag use, but this amount of waste has to have a huge impact. We have all, over the last few years, made changes to the way that we treat our waste. We use reusable shopping bags, we refuse a bag at the supermarket, we separate our paper from our cans and we even compost our leftover food. And yet, we happily throw away a huge pile of waste every month.

But tampons are ok, right?

Of course, tampons are much less wasteful than pads - but they are often flushed into our sewers. This can cause huge problems as they do not disintegrate like toilet paper does and must be physically removed from the water before it is treated. It is estimated that half of all women flush their tampons and in the UK that is up to 2bn individual items every year! It is also thought that some of these bits and pieces get into our waterways and onto our beaches - not pleasant.


What choice do we have?

The simple act of choosing to use either reusable pads or a menstrual cup (or a combination of the two) means that you are stepping out of this process and can feel better about your carbon footprint. The menstrual cup will catch your period blood and allow you to tip it directly into the toilet. No little plastic bags or wrappers, no blocked drains and no worrying about your effect on the environment. That sounds like a great deal for everyone.


Thanks to this article: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/the_green_lantern/2010/03/greening_the_crimson_tide.html

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