What To Do If My Menstrual Cup Is Leaking?

Our cups are to be worn just inside the vagina not high like a tampon.

Fold the cup and insert a little higher than desired then pull down a little so the cup opens as you pull down and is comfortable but low.

The base of the cup should be just inside the entrance to the vagina. The stem just out but make sure feels comfortable so push in a little higher if that’s what works for you.

On removal please pinch the base of the cup to release the suction. And use your amazing vaginal muscles to push down and you pull.


If your cup isn't opening up properly, I suggest you try the following:


- Try out different folds and insertion methods to see which one works best for your. We recommend the ‘punch-down’ fold. This fold makes the cup more rigid, smaller and gives the cup a pointed tip making it easier to insert. 


- Try inserting the cup higher in the vaginal canal. You can use your finger to press on the bottom of the cup to move it higher up. Then, squeeze on the body or base of the cup a few times to help the cup open and form the vacuum. 


- You might need to relax your vaginal muscles. Find a comfortable position to insert the cup - try squatting or putting one leg up on the toilet/tub to ease insertion. 


- Finally, make sure there are no folds in the cup by running your finger around its body. Give the stem a little wiggle and pull it slightly downwards, if there is resistance the vacuum has been formed. 


How To Use The Stem Valve

Q: How to open the valve: 

Please pinch the stem gently to allow the fluid to flow, if you pinch too hard it will obstruct the flow altogether. You may find it easier to a make a V with your fingers, palms facing down and gently press your fingers together around the stem in a scissor-like shape. The stem has a valve and will need a small amount of pressure on the correct sides. It is best to test the cup with water first to see the functionality. Please note,  the valve may leak a small amount of water because it is so thin. However, it will not leak menstrual fluid.  It is best to empty some of the menstrual fluid everytime you pop to the toilet, rather than wait all day. This will ensure the valve doesn't get blocked. . Once you have released some fluid make sure you blot the end of the stem with some tissue until the stem is dry again and ensure the stem is closed by pressing the none opening sides together gently.  


Q: Where should the stem be: 

It should feel comfortable for you, however, you will need to reach the stem to empty. You can insert as high as you like as long as you can reach the stem. 

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