Period Poverty

We have all heard the stories of women in other countries having to take desperate measures when they have their periods because they simply cannot afford menstrual products or they are unavailable in their country. But you would think that in the UK, these things don’t happen. Well, it seems that they do.

A survey on period poverty in Scotland has discovered that women are resorting to using old clothes and even newspaper as pads because they can’t afford to buy the usual products. The survey, carried out by Women for Independence found that one in five women had experienced period poverty which meant that they struggled to pay for basic sanitary products on a monthly basis.

The women admitted to using toilet roll, rags, t-shirts, socks and newspapers as alternatives and 17% said they had relied on friends or food banks for their essential supplies. A number had also said they had been unable to change their sanitary products as often as they should, with 11% saying they had developed an infection as a result.

One woman spoke of how she was so ashamed and never told anyone about how she could not afford to buy her sanitary supplies. Scottish MPs meanwhile are hoping that the country can become a world leader in tackling period poverty and will introduce a universal system which is currently in the consultation stage.

The Tulip Cup is supporting #TheHomelessPeriod project and where possible encourage our users to donate locally in aid of this great cause. More details can be found here

The Tulip Cup may be an initial investment for some and therefore not suitable for all women straight away but it takes away the need to continuously pay for sanitary products. No matter how heavy your period, how long it lasts or where you are, you have one product that will provide you with all the protection you need. It can be used over and over and there is no need to dispose of it or replace it.

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