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Your menstrual cup is made of silicone and is therefore highly resistant to bacteria and dirt. However, you will still want to wash it regularly to ensure that it lasts the several years that we recommend that it should. Your cup will also need cleaning to make sure that it works correctly and is hygienic.   The Tulip menstrual cup is easy to keep clean and because of its simple design and the material it is made of, it doesn’t get especially dirty or stained. However, a good scrub is always advised.  To wash your Tulip menstrual cup we recommend you follow these steps   Before use and between periods you should sterilise your menstrual cup using either a sterilising fluid...

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Are pads and tampons unhealthy?   There are a lot of scare stories going around about whether it is safe to use tampons and pads. Knowing the truth about what is in them and how they can affect your body will help you to make the choice about the best approach for your period. Tampons and pads certainly have their place and are perfect for some women - but are they the best choice for our health? What are they made of? Almost all standard tampons and pads are made from bleached rayon, cotton and plastics. They are also found to contain pesticide residue, various chemicals and even glues. Pesticide is found in 85% of the World’s cotton - so...

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