How To Use A Menstrual Cup - Full Instruction Manual

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How long Can I Wear The Cup?

A maximum of 12 hours before you need to remove to clean. 

How Do I Clean The Cup? 

Before first use and at the beginning and end of each cycle, you must wash the cup in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water to ensure you do not leave any soap behind as this can cause irritation. Then sterilise at the beginning and end of every cycle. You can sterilise by either using our menstrual Cup steriliser or boil the cup in a pan of water, or use sterilising tablets. 

 How To Insert The Cup
Our cups are to be worn just inside the vagina not high like a tampon.
Fold the cup and insert a little higher than desired then pull down a little so the cup opens as you pull down and is comfortable but low.

The base of the cup should be just inside the entrance to the vagina.
The stem just out but make sure feels comfortable so push in a little higher if that’s what works for you. 

On removal please pinch the base of the cup to release the suction. And use your amazing vaginal muscles to push down and you pull.

If your cup isn't opening up properly

* Try out different folds and insertion methods to see which one works best for you. We recommend the ‘punch-down’ fold. This fold makes the cup more rigid, smaller and gives the cup a pointed tip making it easier to insert. 

* Try inserting the cup higher in the vaginal canal. You can use your finger to press on the bottom of the cup to move it higher up. Then, squeeze on the body or base of the cup a few times to help the cup open and form the vacuum. 

* You might need to relax your vaginal muscles. Find a comfortable position to insert the cup - try squatting or putting one leg up on the toilet/tub to ease insertion. 

* Finally, make sure there are no folds in the cup by running your finger around its body. Give the stem a little wiggle and pull it slightly downwards, if there is resistance the vacuum has been formed.

Emptying The Stem Cup
To empty the valve, we recommend that you do so every time you pop to the toilet, a little each time.
Also be careful that you aren't pressing the valve too hard as this will close the valve completely.
Please try with water so you understand the function ( water may leak a little, this is normal, menstrual fluid won't) one way will not open the valve fully, and then another will. You will need to blot the tip with a tissue after use.

Removing Your Cup
To remove please pinch the base of the cup, and slowly draw down as you bear down. If you don't do this step you will meet a lot of resistance and it may be uncomfortable to remove.

Struggling To Remove?
Your cup may rise during the night, or a little during the day, this is normal ( your cervix moves during your period) standing for a while will allow the cup to come back down. Additionally, you need to pinch the base of the cup before you attempt any removal as this will break the suction seal.

Still not coming down?
Eventually, as your cup fills, it will work its way down again, this is because overflow loosens the suction seal. But if you are concerned please contact us on chat or speak to a medical professional. Please do not panic, the cup can't get lost. Remember to break the suction seal and don't place the cup too high. 


Simply place your Tulip Menstrual Cup in the Steriliser, and fill the steriliser half full with water. Place the lid on the cup but DO NOT seal down - steam needs to be able to escape the steriliser. Check your microwave's wattage settings, place on the standard cook setting and place in your microwave for 2 -3 minutes. 

Please note: The water must boil for the Tulip Menstrual Cup, to be sanitised.
Take care when removing the steriliser from your microwave. We suggest leaving the Steriliser and The Tulip Menstrual Cup in your microwave for 30 minutes to cool down. 


How do I wash The Menstrual Pads 

To Clean: 

Rinse with cold water after use, then pop in a washing machine on the delicates setting. Air dry the pads. 

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