Menstrual Cup Reviews

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Review For The Tulip Cup 
Menstrual Cup Reviews Tulip Cup
I purchased my first tulip cup recently and used it for the first time this month. I have to say I am very impressed and pleased with the product. Easy to insert and remove, didn't leak and didn’t know it was there. Much better option than tampons. As I am active it’s great that you can leave it in for up to 12 hours. The service was good, kept me informed of when it was despatched and due to be delivered. All in all excellent service and product. Wish I had bought one years ago! 
Review For The Tulip Cup 
Menstrual Cup Reviews Tulip Cup
Love love love
Absolutely love my cup. I can’t fault the product. I feel like I can finally relax on my period no leaks and so comfortable. 
After using tampons for 16 years then having a baby I found tampons uncomfortable after some research I found out that these can be better so I ordered the smaller cup as I had a belly birth. It’s a good fit for me and 

I’m just finding the whole thing earlier and cleaner instead of dumping used tampons in bins it’s just pour rinse repeat it just feels more natural and I don’t need to make sure I have tampons on me when out it’s such a great thing I just love it. 
thank you tulip cup.


Review For The Stem Cup 

I bought the stem cup recently which was my first experience with any menstrual cup. I have just used it for the first time and I’m completely converted. It was so much easier to use than I imagined and I almost forgot I had a period!